Everything You Should Know About Financial Powers of Attorney 


Financial power of attorney is a type of document which allows the attorney or agents to take action on behalf of the principal. It lets the agents make payments of the bills incurred by the principal. Along with that, it also allows access to the accounts and allows the agents to make payments regarding taxes and make purchases or sales of the investments. 

The person is responsible for the principal and takes action on behalf of the principal regarding all the areas specified in the document. If you are unsure about the financial power of attorney, make sure to contact an estate planning attorney in Ridgeland.

How to handle the Duties of financial power of attorney?

The financial power of attorney is liable to take care of the financial belongings of the principal. The responsibility appears scary to a lot of people. Here are some tips that help ease the process so that the power of attorneys handles the task effectively. 

  • Avoid panicking

Make sure to access the power of attorney document entirely to be aware of all your responsibilities. It provides detailed and comprehensive knowledge about the powers handed to you regarding the caretaking of principle.

  • Have a good understanding of the areas mentioned in the document.

List down all the assets and liabilities held by the principal. Suppose the organization of all the assets is simplified. In that case, you will have no difficulty in finding all the brokerage and bank account details, information about retirement accounts, mortgage documents, tax bills, utilities like phone, cable, and Internet charges, insurance premium costs, etc.

  • Assess the frequent expenses of the principal

Make sure to review the pattern of expenditures incurred by the principal. List down all the frequent expenses so that you can have a better understanding of the flow of money. If your principal is above the age of 72, make sure to add minimum distribution (RMDs). Suppose your principal is in the habit of online management of their finances. In that case, you will be required to consult with the responsible financial institution and state that you have power of attorney for the management of their finances now. This helps in gaining access to the account online so that you can manage them effectively. 

  • Make sure to be regular in the payment of taxes and bills.

You are responsible for making payments on behalf of your principal. Avoid slacking in the payment of all the bills and taxes. Make sure that you make your task of monthly payments diligently. Check that all the payments are made on the required date to avoid any missing deadlines. 

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