Five questions should be asked when searching for denver based court reporters


You have likely been tasked as a lawyer, legal assistant, or paralegal with locating a court reporter to transcribe testimony from a deposition or trial.

Finding a court reporter may initially appear to be a simple task. Both a quick Internet search and recommendations from coworkers are likely to yield numerous results. Due to the fact that not all court reporting agencies are the same, it can be difficult to find denver based court reporters who fits your needs, objectives, and budget. Therefore, it is prudent to conduct research before committing to anything in order to avoid unpleasant surprises or setbacks.

Here is a list of questions that will help you narrow your search for a court reporter or firm:

What exactly do you acquire?

One of the qualities you should look for in a court reporter or company is price and service transparency. Inquire about the stenographer’s page rates and appearance fees as a bare minimum.

When comparing the prices of various court reporting firms and agencies, it’s important to keep in mind that some of them may include the following free of charge: – Providing a secure, easily searchable online transcript archive

Their offices are available for depositions, and they provide multiple transcript formats and meeting space.

Alternately, some businesses will add a separate fee for these services, which will substantially increase the total cost. Once you have a solid understanding of these prices, you can conduct a more accurate comparison.

Your company only employs certified or licenced court reporters, correct? Can they manage complex testimony?

Although the majority of states require court reporters to be certified or licenced, some jurisdictions do not. Asking a court reporting firm about the credentials of their reporters is standard procedure.

How long does the turnaround for your business typically take? Can your reporters provide live coverage, rough draughts, or expedited transcripts?

The majority of court reporters and reporting firms adhere to what is referred to as a “regular delivery” schedule, which specifies how many days after the event you can anticipate receiving the final transcript. When you contact the company, they will provide you with a copy of the schedule. Request processing times can vary widely; if you need your transcript sooner, you should enquire about the typical time frame. You should also enquire about the available options, as the rush fees vary based on the urgency of your transcript request.

Exactly where in the city do you provide your services? Have you the capacity to serve the entire nation?

Although it is generally preferable to “shop local” and develop a relationship with a court reporter or court reporting firm in your immediate area, it is still prudent to determine whether their services are available in other parts of the country. There is a chance that your profession and the cases you handle will require you to travel to another state and coordinate with court reporters there.

Do you provide any additional products or services?

When your legal needs go beyond a simple transcript, it is best to work with a company that can provide you with a comprehensive array of litigation support services. This is due to the fact that it will reduce the time and effort required to locate specific service providers.

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