Preventing Houston Rear-End Accidents With Commercial Trucks


Among some catastrophic truck accidents, rear-end collisions are the most common. An error mostly causes them on behalf of the driver of the rear vehicle, which can be easily avoided by taking some preventive measures. This will additionally prevent one from severe damages caused to health and property. But there are times when prevention doesn’t offer the utmost safety. If one has been involved in a rear-end collision where the incident occurred due to the negligence of the other driver, contact a truck accident attorney as early as possible. Procrastinating will only lower the chances of receiving fair compensation. To obtain the best legal advice, contact us today.

To undertake the appropriate preventive measures, it is essential to know the common causes of rear-end collisions. These are mentioned below:

  • Disregarding the speed limit and driving the vehicle too fast. 
  • Not maintaining a safe distance both in front of and behind the vehicle
  • Belligerent driving and non considering the road conditions
  • Faulty braking system
  • Flickering or low-powered headlamps

Safety Measures To Prevent Rear-End Collision:

Ensuring A Safe Distance From Other Vehicles:

The best way to avoid rear-end collisions is to maintain a safer distance from other vehicles, especially commercial trucks. This will ensure one gets time to react against any unprecedented situation before it’s too late.

Being Aware Of The Surrounding:

While driving, the focus should be on the oncoming road and the surrounding. One also needs to be predictable and aware if surrounded by commercial trucks. Especially during changing lanes or overtaking a semi-truck or huge commercial truck, be conscious of an increased braking distance, as it would not be possible for large trucks travelling at high speed to halt instantly.

Avoid Engaging With Aggressive Truck Drivers On The Road:

If it is found that a driver is aggressively driving the truck, the best way to ensure safety is to avoid engaging with it and maintain a safe distance. In such cases, one should always try to increase the distance by driving slowly.

Final Thoughts:

Trucks being heavy vehicles, the injuries caused in the accident are generally severe, especially in case of rear-end collisions. Such damages take a toll on the physical, mental as well as financial health of the accident survivor. If one finds that the liability of the accident goes to a third party, consulting an attorney must be the primary priority who would assist throughout the process of insurance claim and filing a lawsuit if necessary.

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