reasons to take a lawyer in a road accident

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A road accident is an accident that occurs on the road network with one or more vehicles. It can involve cars, trucks, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians, animals, etc. Insurance is compulsory for motor vehicles. 

Knowing The Right Reflexes Immediately After A Road Accident

Immediately after the accident like motorcycle accident indiana for example, your lawyer is the preferred contact for the first steps. Only a lawyer specializing in road accidents can help you adopt the right reflexes as soon as the accident occurs.

At The Scene Of The Road Accident

After a serious accident, notify the emergency services and take the first steps to safety. Then, your lawyer such as Stracci Law Group for instance will be able to tell you the first things to do at the scene of the accident. Indeed, you must collect all the evidence related to the accident to determine who is responsible. If witnesses are at the scene of the accident, your lawyer will tell you to get their contact information.

It is also necessary to take photos of the places, the vehicles involved, and the damage to any road signs that the other driver has not respected. If you haven’t already, your attorney will encourage you to call the police. The police will, in particular, carry out blood alcohol or narcotics checks. Finally, the report must be completed for the follow-up to the procedure.

Case Of An Accident Without Report On The Day Of The Accident

A motorcyclist is hit by a car while stopped at a red light. The driver of the motorcycle was ejected and suffered a broken pelvis. With this injury, he was evacuated by the emergency services to the nearest hospital and could not make a report.

Following this, the motorcyclist could not reach the driver responsible for the accident. He cannot, therefore, initiate the amicable procedure.

Here, the biker has no choice but to contact a lawyer. The driver is at fault for not responding; he can’t initiate an amicable procedure himself. His insurance may have received information from the responsible person’s insurance, but he is not in a position to know. The specialized lawyer will be able to retrieve the contact details of the person responsible from the police and attempt negotiations with his insurer.

After The Road Accident

During your first meeting, your lawyer can use all the evidence collected and play his role as an advisor. He will be able to decide with you on the consequences of the case. In particular, if it is necessary to launch an action for compensation and to file a complaint following the road accident. If you are at least partially responsible for the accident, your lawyer can prepare you for a liability action against you.


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