Social Security Lawyer: Definition Of Social Security Law


Social Security is a public service managed by the State, which manages all social risks. Social security is often confused with health insurance, but it is only one component.

Social Security is the assurance given to everyone that, in all situations, they will have the necessary means to guarantee their subsistence and that of their family in decent conditions. Indeed, its mission is to protect citizens against all life risks by accompanying them at every moment. It is based on a national principle of solidarity; everyone participates according to their income level.

Within Social Security, its the Health Insurance Social security law is then defined as the study of the legal rules intended to protect individuals against a set of events or social risks, namely illness, maternity, invalidity, old age, death, family responsibilities, accidents at work, occupational diseases and unemployment.

Social Security lawyer like Kenton Koszdin Law Office for example enables real redistribution of resources, the scale of which is growing due in particular to the development of medical consumption, the aging of the population, and the increase in unemployment. Being a lawyer specializing in Social Security means protecting against daily life’s vagaries. 

Social Protection

Social protection by los angeles workers comp lawyer for example is a means of defending against risks. A risk is an event likely to cause damage to people or property; it can take the form of a loss of professional income or an increase in expenses. Social Security provides basic coverage of risks grouped into major axes called branches. Each branch of Social Security covers several risks, such as illness, maternity, disability, death, old age, and family.

Social Security is made up of different schemes that group insured persons according to their professional activity:

  • The general system: employees, self-employed, students
  • Special regimes: civil servants, SNCF agents, EDF-GDF agents
  • The agricultural system: farmers, agricultural employees

The law on the modernization of justice in the 21st century and its implementing decree have reformed the organization of the rules relating to pre-litigation and social security litigation.

The jurisdictions of general social security litigation and technical incapacity litigation are abolished and have been grouped within the social poles of the Judicial Courts. The social centers of the TJ are now competent to examine your appeal.

The removal of the TCI marked a change, as it dealt with recognizing disability rates. This law wanted to facilitate and shorten the deadlines but, unfortunately, lengthened them. Medical experts were present at the hearings but are no longer present; they must be found in town.

Decisions relating to invalidity and permanent incapacity for work taken from 1 January 2019 are the subject of a compulsory prior appeal to the medical committee for amicable appeal (CMRA) composed of two expert doctors and a consulting physician.

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