Technology Patent Pools – Hi-tech Titans Are Banding Together to battle Trolls


Every time a company known as Allied Security Trust left hiding within the finish of June, it caused new light to obtain shed across the growing recognition of patent pools involving hi-tech titans. It’s under apparent, though, whether these pools are benign defensive organizations or trade-restraining innovation killers.

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Allied Security Trust is just the latest consortium of enormous technology companies produced to buy and pool critical patents. The thought of a patent pool is simple: Companies coordinate their ip efforts by purchasing critical patents and granting everyone within the consortium non-exclusive licensing legal legal legal rights for services. First based in the 1800s, patent pools minimize risk and price for participating firms by remaining from pricey litigation.

Recently, technology firms are really more and more more using patent pools to complete exactly that. Besides Allied, whose people include Verizon, Google, ‘cisco’ while some, there are a variety of other technology patent pools, each obtaining a rather different strategy and roster of players. Open Innovation Network, a specialist-Linux group counting Novell, IBM while some as people, was organized in 2005. Intellectual Ventures, pointed out to obtain according to Microsoft and Apple, remains obtaining its patent portfolio since 2003.

Battling Trolls

Companies connected using these organizations claim they’re strictly defensive, combating others whose sole business is to discover ip and hold it hostage. These so-known as trolls will be in once loathed and feared because litigation may be pricey, time-consuming, and distracting. More favorably known as PLECs, patent licensing and enforcement companies, these trolls patrol the ip landscape seeking overlooked patents which have wide-different applicability for that technology world. After they own ip it is said is infringed, they contact people who use patented technology and demand payment. Within the friendly transaction, the PLEC licenses we’ve got we have got we’ve got the technology as well as other companies. In a adversarial situation, litigation ensues.

Probably most likely probably the most lucrative situations for the PLECs are individuals in which the infringing company has deep pockets or there are many infringing firms. It’s precisely these situations that patent pools are produced to avoid. By basically out-investigating or out-greatest taker the trolls, patent pools avoid litigation and/or licensing costs.

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Building Fortresses

But critics of latest technology patent pools appear initially sight anti-competitive. By purchasing ip, generate more business certainly are a degree within the trolls, say opponents. Within the situation of Allied, to obtain member a business be forced to pay a reported $250,000 to register and another $5 million in escrow toward purchasing patents. Individuals then grant themselves non-exclusive licensing legal legal legal rights.

In Allied’s situation, Chief executive officer John Hinman claims it’ll and selling the patents to the market. “It is a catch-and-release formula handled by getting an opt-in basis,” he told the EE Occasions in June 2008.

Critics contend this simply enables the trolls to victimize smaller sized sized sized firms that can’t spend the cash to register the exclusive patent pools. The conclusion result, it’s stated, may be the tech giants reinforce their dominant positions available on the market.

Other patent pools, though, apparently aren’t trying to build ip fortresses where just the elite can reside. Open Innovation Network makes its patents available royalty-liberal to anybody who concurs not to sue people. For the time being, these kinds of pools appear to become benign, fostering instead of restricting innovation.

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