The COINS Project – Combat Online Illegal Numismatic Sales


Excellent of coins is determined by new algorithms of pattern recognition and image processing, within the field (classification and identification of ancient coins) so far untouched. The task will disseminate its results also employing a demonstrator freely accessible on the web. Substantial contribution for that project will come from stakeholders, nearly all which exist within the partnership, including an italian man , police pressure organisation Carabinieri and three major national museums significant gold gold gold coin collections.

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Using the Call, priority 3.6 “The security of cultural heritage and connected conservation strategies”, Task 2 “Allowing the traceability of cultural heritage objects” the task will concentrate on technologies fond of allowing permanent identification and traceability of coins, and could devise means of facilitate prevention and repression of illicit trade of stolen ones. Therefore it includes: a) documentation and inventory methodologies according to worldwide standards b) gold gold gold coin automatic recognition tools, according to images c) automated search tools. It must be noted that strategies according to physical marks on the top of object (for example individuals put on a corner of works of art, or underneath the feet of sculptures, or on less important parts of archaeological objects because the interior of ancient vases) are unacceptable for coins, whose surface may be altered by no means.

Traceability thus remains based only on visual inspection, since everybody gold gold gold coin has signs (introduced on by minting means of pre-industrial ones or by use-put on for more recent ones) that makes it unique and recognisable with an expert’s eye. Weight and measures are additional recognition aids. Coins are unique, under this regard, among cultural objects. Hence an identification and traceability strategy could only depend round the simplicity of use of inventories and the effectiveness of recognition. However, once passive alarm systems (for example alarms and safes) are really defeated and coins are really stolen, combating their illicit trade must allow identification of stolen products one of the incredibly many individuals readily available for purchase, by ancient occasions traders, at auctions or online.

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Roughly what size market is provided because searching for “gold gold gold coin trade” on the web returns to the millions hits: which means that automatic, not viewed search tools are greatly needed. Forecast use scenarios consist, for instance, within the following two: 1) a known stolen gold gold gold coin is looked available on the market: here the facts within the preferred object are extremely known (e.g. basing across the police report), and they’re instead of the assorted information on much more looking for matching 2) a mysterious suspect gold gold gold coin (e.g. within a police or customs operation) ought to be quickly identified and checked within the police database of stolen ones. Consequently, the scientific and technological objectives within the project would be the following.

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