Types Of Truck Accidents That Are Pretty Common  


Truck accidents are potential hazards to human life. In most truck accident cases, the truck driver might not sustain such severe losses compared to the others involved. The reason behind that is the force, speed, and weight of a truck are much more than your car, which effectively causes damage to the exteriors and interiors of your vehicle, leaving the car intact in most situations. However, if the driver is overspeeding, there might be chances that the truck might turn over or collide with another object on the road resulting in severe damage. 

Several people battle from gruesome injuries after a truck accident. These injuries can often cause paralysis or brain dysfunction in the person. As much as these injuries are difficult to heal from, they have extensive medical procedures and treatments which are expensive. So get help from an Atlanta truck accident lawyer to get the best offer from the insurance company.

Types of truck accidents that are pretty common 

  • Truck rollovers 

Truck rollovers are one of the most hazardous accidents to occur. Larger vehicles like trucks and tractor trucks are heavier in weight and have a higher center of gravity, so every truck driver must keep that in mind while driving on the road. If the truck driver moves at high speed or takes a sharp turn, the truck might roll over and hurt several people driving and riding on the road. 

Most rollover truck accidents are hazardous and can cause several fatalities due to the adverse conditions caused by the mishap. A truck is hefty in weight even when it is empty, and if it rolls over on the road, cars, motorcycles, and pedestrians can get hurt severely. 

  • Rear-end truck collisions 

When it comes to car accidents, rear-end collisions can be damaging if both or one vehicle is traveling at high speed. However, in truck accidents, even if the truck is at a standard rate, a rear-end collision can severely impact the car and the passengers inside it. 

A truck carries a lot of weight and load in it, which impacts the time taken by the vehicle to stop when brakes are applied. While the truck driver might try their best to control it, it still might come towards at high speed and collide, causing a hazardous accident. 

  • T-Bone accidents 

T-bone accidents are mostly seen among trucks. These accidents are common at intersections when two vehicles travel at high speed and don’t slow down or stop at the intersection. The constant speed, even at the intersection, leads to a T-bone accident where the car or other vehicle collides with the truck’s middle horizontal portion.  

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