What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?


The forms of action of a real estate lawyer markham are diverse and cover two main areas: 1) preventive and extrajudicial and 2) contentious and judicial.


For example, the real estate lawyer such as Barr & Young Attorneys for example can be sought out for consultations. People with doubts about any of the matters we have already raised as inserted within the field of Real Estate Law can and should seek a specialized lawyer to clarify them.

This happens, for example, when someone is going to acquire a lot in a real estate development and has doubts about the contract. In this case, it is highly recommended that you seek a lawyer before closing the deal and be confident about what you are doing. This professional also has the competence and study to give opinions on legal issues related to real estate.

An opinion is like a consultation but written and based on laws and jurisprudence, where the lawyer exposes his opinion on the legal issue raised by the client, who can be an individual or legal entity. A real estate attorney can also provide advice, for example, when hired by a real estate agency, a condominium, or an individual, to advise on matters relating to real estate. Another name can be used for advice and consultancy. Adopting one term or another will depend on the professional and the objective of the contract. When hired to do so, it is up to the real estate lawyer to investigate notary situations of real estate for his client. Learn about Common Types of Elder Abuse here.


Subjects for drawing up contracts by a real estate lawyer may be:

  • Purchase and sale of property
  • Rent
  • Lease renewal
  • Lending
  • Exchange
  • Real estate contract
  • Fiduciary alienation
  • Among others

It should be noted that when drawing up all this diversity of contracts, the lawyer must be aware of the legislation in force, such as the Civil Code, the Tenancy Law, and the Consumer Protection Code.

The contract for the purchase and sale of real estate is given when the buyer and the debtor agree with the clauses for the transfer of ownership of a real estate property.

The rental contract is signed when the owner and lessor agree with the clauses provided, and there is a transfer of ownership of the property.

Lease Renewal Agreement is when the parties named above agree to extend the term of the initial lease.

A lending agreement is a property loan agreement.


Initially, it is to be imagined that all the contracts listed in the topic above can be breached by one or both parties and thus generate the possibility of a lawsuit. And this is where we enter the part called contentious advocacy, that is, before the courts. There are several types of lawsuits where a real estate lawyer can be involved in defending the interests of his clients.

For example, action for dissolution of a purchase and sale contract, eviction, execution of rents, adverse possession, repossession, actions for defects and delays in construction, regularization of real estate, and much more. 

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