When is a dog bite considered a personal injury?


Personal injury is when a person gets hurt and injured due to the recklessness of another person. Such personal injuries can arise from any kind of accident like – car accidents, truck accidents, railroad accidents, medical malpractice, product liability cases, workplace accidents, premises liability cases, etc. Did you also know that if you are bitten by a dog belonging to someone else and suffer damages due to their dog, that also comes under personal injury law and will the need the help of a personal injury lawyer louisville ky? You must hire a personal injury attorney murrieta ca to deal with this case, and if you wish to know more about them, click here. The dog owner is liable for any compensation that you deserve.

All about personal injury law involving dog bites:-

What is considered a dog bite under personal injury: There are three factors to consider when dog owners are legally responsible for preventing their dogs from injuring people and damaging their property:-

  • When your dog bites someone and causes injuries, as the pet owner, you are liable to pay the victim for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other such problems. In more severe cases, there can be criminal charges against the owner.
  • The pet owners’ insurance will cover the victim’s losses even if the dog bite happened outside the owner’s property
  • Both parties must take steps to protect their legal rights.

Legal actions that the victim can take: If you are a victim of a dog bite you must ensure your legal rights are protected and file a personal injury claim. There are two ways to claim compensation and hold the dog owner responsible:-

  • File a compensation claim with the dog owner’s insurance company 
  • File a civil lawsuit against the dog owner and settle the issue in court

Dog owner’s defense to the bite or injury liability: In some cases, the dog might not be at fault and might have been instigated by the victim before attacking. In such cases, the victim cannot claim anything as he was at fault. The dog owner can file a defense case to the bite or injury liability if they can prove the following:-

  • The victim trespassed at the property even after warning signs were displayed
  • The victim teased or instigated the animal without any reason
  • The victim’s recklessness caused the incident

Personal injury law can be quite tricky and needs the presence of seasoned personal injury attorneys montgomery al to help protect the victim’s legal rights and fight for their right to maximum compensation for the damages done.

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