Why is it important to enlist the help of a timeshare solicitor?


In April 2021, Which? published a survey that revealed a 33% increase in timeshare scams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to 413,553. Although many people have enjoyed a timeshare and the holidays abroad that come with it, they may decide that they want to get out of the timeshare for any reason, or there is a dispute.

At times like these, it’s important to get the help of a timeshare solicitor that knows and understands the timeshare industry, as well as the scams and disputes often associated with them.

What if I want to leave a timeshare?

Leaving a timeshare situation can be a very difficult, lengthy process. Many timeshare owners are often left in a position of owning an asset they don’t want and can’t afford. Timeshare disputes are just as notorious as timeshare scams.

The laws and regulations that surround timeshares are often complex. In addition, contract law and other aspects of timeshares can change, leaving timeshare owners unable to extricate themselves from the agreement without the help of timeshare solicitors UK.

When does a timeshare become a dispute?

Over the years, timeshares have come under different names: ‘Holiday Club’, ‘Destination Club’, ‘Vacation Ownership’ and ‘Fractional Ownership’. These terms create confusion with timeshare investors which could result in timeshare disputes.

Other reasons for timeshare disputes include being miss-sold a timeshare, finding it impossible to leave a timeshare, or:

You believe you were deceived or coerced into signing a timeshare contract

You were told false promises in relation to an increased value of the timeshare within a specific period of time

You were told that you could cancel the contract whenever you choose, and this isn’t the case at all

You were told it was a short-term offer or ‘once in a lifetime offer and only remained valid if you signed up for the timeshare that day

You were told the timeshare was an investment, that the value would increase, and you would receive a substantial financial profit

You tried to leave the timeshare and cancel the agreement but were told that you weren’t able to do that, or you had to sign up for a new timeshare agreement first

You were not advised of the ‘cooling off period, or they informed you that this period didn’t apply to timeshares

You were led to believe that maintenance fees were either not payable or were much lower than they turned out to be, and you were not told about any annual increases in fees or any additional expenses

You paid for the timeshare, or the deposit, using a loan, credit card or other finance methods

You were advised it wasn’t a timeshare when in reality, it was

If you are making a claim about a timeshare, it must be filed within six years of the date the timeshare was purchased. This can be extended, particularly if the timeshare was miss-sold.

Choosing a timeshare solicitor

When choosing a solicitor to handle your timeshare dispute, make sure they are knowledgeable and experienced in the legal complexities of timeshares – many of the timeshare agreements are for properties or resorts in overseas countries. If you are in any doubt about whether you need professional legal help, contact us to discuss your case in more detail.

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